Portfolio Reflections

I approach writing code very differently than I would an essay or another written assignment. Usually when writing an essay, I start at the beginning and don't look back. I occasionally make adjustments to my previous paragraphs, but I tend to trust in what I wrote and keep moving forward. While this may not be the most effective or wise method, it is a way I am comfortable with. Coding could not be more different. When starting a new page, it begins with a very bare skeleton of what the entire page will hopefully look like. I am constantly returning to different sections of my code and making minor, or major, adjustments to them. When beginning this portfolio page, I simply began by embedding some images onto a blank HTML page with some text. There wasn't any color, different fonts, or any form of unique organization. If I'm being completely honest, 90% of the time I will start and finish an essay the night before it is due. Again, while this is a terrible method of completing work, it simply is how I do it. This is the opposite of how I approached this portfolio project. Even though we constantly had progress deadlines to prevent us from waiting til the last minute, it would have been close to impossible to complete this project in one night, even if I had the option to. The only way to truly create an appropriate page to display the work that you produce and represents you was to slowly build it over time. It takes time, thought, and reflection. It also takes an incredible amount of tweaking and experimenting. You don't really get the change to experiment while writing an essay or anything because it usually is required to be very formal. With coding, you are able to approach it as a blank canvas and manifest your page into how you want it to look.

I really enjoyed this project because it was the first time I was really able to put any form of personalization on my website. This is especially true once CSS was introduced, as I was able to really begin customizing the page. There were finally colors and fonts that I liked and could implement into my site. In addition to this, I was slowly but surely able to organize. I created different properties (ex. .right) in order to choose exactly where I wanted each piece of media. At first this was somewhat difficult because it was confusing on how I could add more than 2 pieces of media, but after a while I was able to figure it out and add multiple lines. I experimented with several elements of the page, particularly with various aesthetic elements. Originally I wanted a very "boxy" look, with all of my figures inside thin boxes, separating each other. I ended up taking that out. I also originally had a lot more color on the page, but I drastically toned that down and opted for a much cleaner, and polished look with just navy, white, and a lighter shade of blue that is used for framing certain elements. I think my coding skills have improved a great deal. I entered the class with a solid foundation of coding in general, but nothing really about HTML or CSS. I have been treating it as learning another language, and I find this method to be very effective and beneficial. I feel the thing I probably struggle with the most is setting aside free time to work on my site instead of waiting until a deadline or class meeting. I truly think that if I am able to begin to set aside time, my site will improve so much. However overall, I'm quite pleased with the the page I am submitting.