Final Site Reflections

In terms of emotional and responsive design, I think my site captures both of those in different and unique ways. Let's start with emotional design. I obviously wanted my website to reflect who I am as a person, and I did this through several ways, and the first and most apparent is my site’s appearance.The first page you encounter on my website is my home page. There are three different and unique styles that make up my page. When opened on a desktop computer or a tablet in landscape mode, I incorporated a picture of Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, California. The picture gives off a very friendly and relaxed vibe. It also gives the viewer of my site their first glance of my work. Professionalism meets personality. When opened on a tablet device, my homepage is a photograph at a concert. Music is truly my first love, and I definitely wanted to highlight that aspect of my life on my website. The picture is also very brightly colored, again reflecting my personality as a generally happy and outgoing person. When opened on a mobile phone, the background of my homepage is a photograph of the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, France. This picture has many meanings. The first reflects my love of traveling, particularly in Europe. The second meaning behind the picture is that it was my attempt at recreating the album cover from an album by my favorite band (Lonerism - Tame Impala). This again reiterates my love for music and the hope to work in the industry someday. In terms of responsive design, I’ve highlighted several aspects of this factor already. My website adapts to whatever device you might be viewing it on. It also changes appearance if you adjust the window size on your desktop browser. I tried my hardest to make my website accessible to all people. All fonts and colors are easy to read. All of my images have alt-text so that anyone who may be using a screen reader is able to get the most out of viewing my website. Originally my website had much more colors. However, this would hinder colorblind users from experiencing an aesthetically pleasing site, so I decided to remove them from my site.

When I completed the first assignment, I felt very proud. I finally had a page on my site that wasn’t just Times New Roman text on a white page. I had colors, images, and videos. I had successfully implemented a CSS sheet to make my page look exactly as I wanted it. I wasn’t sure where else I could go with my site. I soon learned however that there was quite a bit more. Instead of having just two pages, I now have five individual and unique ones. My homepage reflects my passions and who I am as a person. My about page describes in text what I believe my work can contribute to the world, as well as my resume which highlights my strengths. My portfolio page displays pieces of work that I am especially proud of and believe that successfully highlights my strengths as a creative person. My contact page provides users of my site as a way of getting in touch with me. On my contact page I added personal touches and messages to make the whole experience much more friendly and approachable. I feel if I had more time, I would find unique ways of incorporating information or personal details about me. I would have liked to have found a way to possibly embed my Spotify account or a playlist. I may end up doing that once classes are over just because music is such an immense part of my life and I want that to reflect on my site. In terms of comfort level in coding for the web, I feel quite comfortable. I feel I have a very solid understanding of what it takes for creating an entire responsive website. I feel confident in my ability to properly code HTML pages as well as CSS sheets. I am also quite confident in the fact I can successfully link the two together in order to give your site the exact look you are going for. I think if I had to suggest something for future classes, it would be to try and be as organized as you possibly can. It may seem a bit strange that you have to be organized for something completely digital, but the more organized you are, the easier the entire process will be.